Walk Development Apprentice

Type: Apprentice
Region: East Midlands

If you enjoy working with different groups of the community – and are passionate about being active- we want to hear from you!

If you enjoy working with different groups of the community – and are passionate about being active- we want to hear from you!

As a Walk Derbyshire Development Apprentice, you will be an integral member of the Community Development team at South Derbyshire CVS. This role will be hosted by South Derbyshire CVS and supported by the Walk Derbyshire agenda in South Derbyshire.

You will develop skills to scope, organise and coordinate the delivery of opportunities for local communities to get more people engaged in everyday walking.

You will explore skills to engage and build relationships with partners across the district and provide support to enable them to increase and strengthen walking opportunities and to successfully implement behavioural change skills within their communities.

You will be involved in practical experience of how to develop and devise appropriate walking opportunities and learn how to work with local government bodies and community organisations, the voluntary sector and sport for development agencies.

You will be delivering the vision of the Walk Derbyshire, South Derbyshire Consortium. This is to support families, particularly those with disabilities and long-term health conditions, to engage in everyday walking in the areas of Cadley Park, Church Gresley and Newhall.

You will:

– Research and begin to understand residents current walking habits within the local community, including walking routes, barriers to walking, and what motivates people to be active.

– Research and begin to understand what will help resident’s engage in more everyday walking. Is it motivation (nudges), knowledge of routes (maps), path conditions (staff support or physical interventions), group activity (walking group or family events).

– Gather suggestions, ideas and community champions details that could support more everyday walking in the community.

– Work closely with local community groups, physical activity providers and other organisations to gather more knowledge about the barriers and opportunities around everyday walking.

– Attending events and talking to people in the community, asking questions about walking habits and listening to what they say the barriers are to this.

– Attend meetings with partners.

– Support the organisation, planning, and manning of stands at events to gather insights from the community.

– Have ideas for activity and support the delivery of these activities

– You will be involved in administration duties, writing up what you have learned, listing activities people are involved in and the difference everyday walking is making to people’s lives.

– Working as part of the CVS team you may be involved in other activities in the community

– Support local walking provision to develop more opportunities for everyday activity

– Support the attendance at local events to capture insights

– Organise event stands, activities, and engagement opportunities.

– Undergo training and CPD linked to the role, to support the smooth running of the project

– Develop and manage local contacts and partnerships that enhance or enrich the provision and support the sharing of resources i.e., staffing, volunteers, venue and or project resources.

We particularly welcome applicants from residents that know Church Gresley and or Newhall well and have either lived, worked, or been educated in these communities.

At South Derbyshire CVS you will work towards your L3 Community Sport and Health Officer Apprentice Qualification over 15 Months.

Job Overview
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