Apprenticeship Dairy Technologist

Type: Apprentice
Region: West Midlands

Dairy Technonologist

The primary production stages of milk and what affects the composition of raw milk and dairy products.

Fundamental principles of milk chemistry and milk microbiology and the changes, interactions and manipulation during processing that impact on product properties, quality, and safety.

Test methods and Dapplications, product quality testing, sensory evaluation, in-line, and online.

Dairy process environment, hygiene, design, and control

Microbiology related to dairy products. The principles and practices of sampling, testing and microbiological laboratory investigations and problem solving including the classification of Micro-organisms in dairy production.

Principles of dairy process design, engineering and level of automation and its impact on plant performance

The range of Dairy unit operations, such as filtration, pasteurisation, UHT, fermented products, evaporation, spray drying, cooling, CIP/COP (Cleaning in/out of place) and their impacts on the product quality, functionality, and product shelf life.

Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practices as applied within a dairy organisation for manufacture of all common dairy products.

Key steps in new product development of dairy products and manufacturing processes

Legislation and guidelines applicable to manufacture of dairy products covering risk, health and food safety, health, and safety, enabling development of Level 3 Critical Control Point plans for Hazard Analysis, Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment (HACCP, TACCP and VACCP)

Lean and agile supply chains in the dairy industry, factors influencing resilience, flexibility, consistency, financial implications, and culture. Use of CI (Continuous Improvement) methods

The principles of process control and automation, including the use of statistical process control across a range of applications. Existing and evolving automation within the dairy industry.

The sustainability, environmental and legislative considerations of the dairy supply chain including management of waste streams and effluent treatment.

The dairy industry and its relationship to world markets, including trading of dairy commodities.

Operate and control both manual and automated dairy unit operations including cleaning and effluent management, from milk reception, manufacture and packing of the product.

Manufacture graded milk and creams, fermented products and starter cultures, butter, cheese hand and in automated processes), tailored milks, milk and whey powders and ice cream.

Manage the maturation, ripening and texture development in cheese.

Project manage dairy operational changes, product trials and plant commissioning.

Develop new dairy products/Ice cream and processes in a cost effective and compliant manner.

Test and analyse products (chemical, microbial, physical). Interpret results and process data to adjust process parameters to achieve the desired dairy product.

Demonstrate understanding of microbiological concepts to the manufacture of dairy products employ CI techniques to solve operational problems, to deliver improvement to products, optimise ways of working, improve efficiency and reduce waste.

Take and analyse product samples to support laboratory investigations regarding product quality, standards, and legal compliance. Interpret and report data, propose route of action.

Comply with legislation, regulations and organisational requirements for health and safety, food safety and hygiene and develop Critical Control Point plans for Hazard Analysis, Threat Assessment and Vulnerability Assessment (HACCP, TACCP and VACCP)

Undertake environmental audit and provide recommendations.

Specific knowledge of Asian deserts and ice cream.

R & D and Quality Assurance on Dairy products & Confectionery.

Asian style of Ice cream and knowledge of Indian Sweet based Ice cream products.

Job Overview
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