Power Systems SP Energy Networks

Type: Graduate
Region: North West

Job Description

Graduate Programme Duration – 2 Years

Applications Open Until 7th January

Location: Crewe

Start Date – 16th September

Salary & Benefits – £32,500 plus £2,500 sign-on bonus, competitive pension and a competitive range of benefits

Minimum Criteria – Honours Degree (or equivalent) at a minimum of 2:2 in Power Systems, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or similar. Driving Licence (or working towards it).

Where you’ll be working

As a Distribution and Transmission Network Operator, SP Energy Networks keeps the electricity flowing to homes and businesses throughout Central and Southern Scotland, North Wales, Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Shropshire. One of only six Distribution Operators and one of four Transmission Operators in the UK, our actions are crucial to the decarbonisation of the network. The energy landscape is changing fast as the way our customers and communities generate, consume, and interact with energy evolves. Our role is to decarbonise our network through technology and innovation to support the journey to Net Zero. We need to maximise the efficiency of our network to optimise the transmission and distribution of electricity generated from renewables, reducing electricity losses, and allowing us to move away from fossil fuels. With great power comes great responsibility – but we’re up for the challenge!

We must ensure we deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply for our customers, who rely on the distribution network more than ever before. Therefore, it is vital we upgrade our network to create the flexibility required to cope with the extensive changes to electricity demand, generation, and consumer behaviour. Within SP Energy Networks we design new network infrastructure to enable new connections onto our network whilst also designing new solutions for ageing parts of the network to improve performance. By analysing the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of our power systems, this crucial work will help future-proof our infrastructure and deliver a quality network for the homes and businesses within our licence area.

You’ll find more information about SP Energy Networks, including details of our current projects, on our website.

What you’ll be doing

You’ll play a key role in driving improvements and upgrades to our network, and you’ll ensure that the electrical network infrastructure remains effective and relevant over time. You’ll work alongside a team of skilled engineers to complete network assessments in addition to drawing design plans for the placement of the new assets. You’ll also actively seek ways to enhance and optimise the infrastructure on an ongoing basis. By identifying areas for improvement, implementing changes, and monitoring the results we can ensure that the infrastructure operates at its best possible performance. As we strive to achieve Net Zero, your work will play a vital role in shaping the future of energy. By analysing the performance of our power systems, you’ll help us identify opportunities for renewable energy integration, grid modernisation, and energy efficiency improvements. This will contribute to our overall goal of reducing carbon emissions and creating a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Throughout your two-year IET-accredited programme, you’ll complete a variety of placements across the business. These will allow you to gain experience on a wide range of projects, such as designing our telecontrol equipment so that we can take control of devices remotely from our control room. With customer-centric targets set by Ofgem, we need to get customers back on supply as quickly as possible and this innovative equipment allows us to deliver quicker solutions to our customers and minimise the time, they’re off supply. It also lets us gather data for analysis, potentially allowing us to prevent similar instances in the future, further reducing the time that customers are off supply. In addition, by reducing the number of incidents that need attendance by an engineer, we’re removing or limiting the need for travel, thereby reducing our carbon emissions. And in a business as large our ours, spread over a wide geographical area, it all adds up. And of course, there’s the safety aspect as remote control minimises the engineer’s exposure to potentially hazardous environments or situations. Although they’re expertly trained to work on high-voltage equipment there’s no better way to avoid accidents or injuries.

As part of this role, you’ll also have the opportunity to be involved in projects right from the beginning, supporting them throughout the project lifecycle. There’s no better way for you to gain experience and understanding than seeing a project through from inception to completion. For example, you will spend time working at the forefront of our business managing customer requests for new connections such as solar panels. You will support the customer in their application and analyse the existing network to determine the best point of connection to the existing system. You will then also be trained in commercial and cost management skills to produce a fully comprehensive quotation for the works for the customer to have their new connection completed. We always keep our customers at the heart of what we do so providing an excellent customer experience is a key part of the service we provide.

In case you missed it, you’ll find more information on our graduate programme on our Graduates Page (opens in a new window).

What you’ll bring

You’ll have a real interest in understanding how power systems work and be excited to explore the innovations that will support our Net Zero goal. Following your degree, you should have a good understanding of electrical engineering principles including simulation and awareness of relevant software tools. This academic background will give you an excellent foundation to build your knowledge of power systems during the programme. You’ll also need good analysis skills and a good eye for detail as you’ll be using data for monitoring and improving our systems. And with a proactive and creative approach to problem-solving, you’ll help us to deliver network solutions for our customers. This role may involve travel to remote locations, so you’ll also need a driving licence.

What’s in it for you

Overall, working as a Power Systems Analysis and Design Graduate will provide you with an exciting and challenging environment. As part of a company that values innovation, sustainability, and the pursuit of excellence, your contributions will make a difference and you’ll have the opportunity to shape the future of the energy industry. Working with a diverse team of experts who are passionate about driving change, you’ll make a positive impact on the energy landscape. Our customers will rely on your skills and expertise to deliver an energy transition and you will contribute to an increasingly electrified transport and heat system for our communities.

We are continually enhancing and growing our suite of digital tools, evolving our capability for different complexities of design work. By utilising advanced simulation and modelling techniques, you’ll be able to gain valuable insights into the performance of our network and identify areas for optimisation. Your findings and recommendations will inform decision-making processes and drive strategic initiatives. This collaborative approach will give you a holistic understanding of power systems and their impact on the wider energy ecosystem.

At SP Networks we value diversity and inclusivity. We are committed to creating a workplace that welcomes and respects individuals from all backgrounds. We work hard to ensure our recruitment process is fair, transparent, and unbiased, providing equal opportunities for all candidates. It’s our belief that diverse perspectives lead to innovation and better decision-making, so we foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Join us as we strive to create a more inclusive and equitable future


Job Overview
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