Investment Consulting Apprentice For ISIO

Type: Apprentice
Region: South East

Investment Advisory Apprenticeship – the opportunity.

During your Apprenticeship in Investmentconsulting at Isio you will get involved in:

Working in a client team to assist in thedelivery of client advice, ranging from the appropriate investment strategy toimplementation of the chosen strategy.

Setting up our asset liability and allocationmodels to better understand the client’s range of potential future outcomes.

Preparing and presenting investment monitoringreports to our clients.

Asset class research; evaluating investmentcases and current market pricing for asset classes – from traditional equitiesto alternatives such as direct lending.

Researching fund managers and fiduciarymanagers.

You will be supported with training alongsidethe other apprentices, your local office team and also national training tohelp you learn both specific knowledge and effective personal behaviours. Yourlearning will be focused on progressing through a Level 4 InvestmentOperations Specialist Apprenticeship, guided by our external learning partner.

At each stage of the process, you will be incontrol of your progression and supported by a people manager and a local’buddy’, alongside informal mentors across the organisation. Our vision is thatafter several years you will be an experienced and key member of the team andprogressing well to achieving recognition as a CFA (Chartered FinancialAnalyst).

What we are looking for in Apprentices inInvestment Consulting

We are keen to recruit Apprentices who have astrong interest in investments, current affairs and the markets, have goodnumerical skills, and can communicate with a wide range of people. We arelooking for Apprentices who are enthusiastic and self-motivated to be part of ateam and show good levels of self-discipline, organisational skills and time management.We will also be looking to see how applicants align to our core beliefs:

Power in Partnership: We work in partnershipwith our clients & each other – building open and trusted relationships.Working together allows us to deliver the best for our clients.

Future Focus: We want to push our industryforward by solving problems in better ways that benefit both our clients &society.

Strength in Difference: We work with diverseperspectives to find better solutions. Working with differences makes us stronger..

People First: We recognise that pensions is apeople business. People are the source of Isio’s expertise and it is people’slives that we affect through our advice

Job Overview
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