CIMA Graduate Finance Analyst Apprentice

Type: Apprentice
Region: North West

The graduate programme duration is 3 years. A plan will be put in place to ensure that you complete the CIMA modules detailed below over this period. You will get the opportunity to work in a different area of finance in each year of the graduate programme, getting a great variety of experience and helping you build your future career in finance. Different areas of finance you will have the opportunity to work in include brand commercial finance; management accounts; group financial, planning and analysis and supply chain finance.

Duties will include:

? Business Partner key stakeholders within our Brand and Group teams across various departments such as Merchandising, Marketing, Supply Chain and Technology to ensure that the financial impacts of decisions are analysed and understood.

? Support with daily and weekly trade and profitability reporting, focussing on analysing and evaluating business performance in a rapidly changing environment.

? Provide, create and maintain various forms of Management Reporting to enable better decision making throughout the business.

? Assist in the preparation of annual budgets, quarterly reforecasts and weekly forecasts.

? Work with a variety of stakeholders to track, manage and control marketing spend in an effective way.

? Maintain and develop complex models to improve forecasting accuracy and drive operational efficiency.

? Contribute to the production of month-end management accounts and perform key financial processes such as balance sheet reconciliations, preparation of accruals and prepayments and management of purchase orders.

? Work alongside our data and analytics teams within finance to help drive improvements in insight, reporting and processes.


CIMA Level 7

CIMA is split into Certificate, a standalone ‘beginner’ qualification, and Professional, which is split into three levels: Operational, Management, and Strategic.

The Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) is your starting point if you’re new to accountancy. You’ll learn the fundamentals of business economics, financial accounting, management accounting, and ethical considerations of commercial activity.

The areas you will cover include:

Fundamentals of Business Economics

Fundamentals of Management Accounting

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law

Professional Level – The professional levels are each made up of three Objective Test subjects and one Case Study. You must pass all three Objective Tests before moving onto the Case Study, which tests what you’ve learned overall in the level.

CIMA Operational teaches you about organisational management, costs and analysis used in production, and financial reporting and taxation.

The areas you will cover include:

Managing Finance in a Digital World

Management Accounting

Financial Reporting

Integrated Case Study

CIMA Management equips you with the skills to perform advanced management accounting and advanced financial reporting tasks. You’ll learn how to manage companies, from internal and external contexts.

The areas you will cover include:

Managing Performance

Advanced Management Accounting

Advanced Financial Reporting

Integrated Case Study

CIMA Strategic develops your leadership and strategic management abilities, and teaches you about risk management and financial strategy.

The areas you will cover include:

Strategic Management

Risk Management

Financial Strategy

Case StudyAn apprenticeship has to be relevant to the job you are undertaking and you must dedicate time to off the job training, as well as completing knowledge, skills and behaviors associated with your apprenticeship.

Qualifications required

Degree achieved or predicted.

A Levels grades A-C.

Skills required

Flexible thinking and the ability to challenge assumptions and push thinking.

Can evidence the fostering of a team mindset.

Demonstrates initiative and can demonstrate learning from experience.

Provision of meaningful insight supported by recommendations for improvement.

Driven to deliver in a fast paced, dynamic environment with constantly evolving challenges.

Strong analytical skills and the ability to manipulate and present data to produce meaningful information.

Demonstrable experience of using Microsoft Excel to analyse data.


Future prospects and opportunities within Boohoo will be discussed on the assessment day.

Qualification / Standard : ST0001 Accountancy or taxation professional

Duration 36 months

Job Overview
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