Apprentice Customer Service Specialist – Suzuki

Type: Apprentice
Region: South East

This is an apprenticeship role.

A Customer Service Advisor deals directly with customers and acts as a go-between between the customer and Service Technicians, scheduling vehicle service work.

They will handle administrative and customer relations aspects of service department operations.

Their duties may vary slightly from employer to employer depending on the size of the company, but they commonly include:

? Interpreting customer concerns and comments and liaising with technicians

? Booking/scheduling vehicle services

? Liaising with customers about any additional work required

? Estimating time and costs associated with repairs

? Handling customer complaints

? Responding to customer requests

? Tracking the vehicle through the workshop

Towards the end of the apprenticeship all candidates will be required to produce a high level project to improve and develop business needs.

The successful candidate will work towards a level 3 customer service specialist qualification on a remote basis over a 15 month period.

Job Overview
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