Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship

Type: Apprentice

Are you an enthusiastic person looking for an opportunity to gain valuable learning-based work experience and the chance to undertake a qualification simultaneously? You will be working with excellent teachers, and school staff to help provide a nurturing environment for them to learn. If you want to kickstart your career in teaching apply now!

What you will do in your working day

Support for pupils by:

  • Supervising and assisting individual or small groups of pupils in activities set by teachers or by the TA with teacher guidance
  • Supervise whole classes for short periods of time e.g. Parent Meetings
  • Developing pupils social skills by supporting children in groups
  • Implementing behaviour management policies in accordance with guidance provided by the school
  • Provide support for pupils inside and outside the classroom to enable them to fully participate inactivities
  • Be aware of the early signs of bullying and disruptive behaviour and intervening as necessary
  • Helping the inclusion of all children, including those with EAL and supporting individual children who find it difficult to form relationships or successful access the curriculum
  • Helping to keep children on task by giving individual attention where necessary and helping them to become more successful learners
  • Accompanying classes on school trips where necessary
  • To build and maintain close and secure relationships with pupils
  • Attending to and ensuring the care, health and welfare of the children at all times, including the willingness to dress and undress, the toileting, and the cleaning of pupils, where necessary after appropriate training
  • To ensure that any pupils who have had an accident or feel unwell are referred to the Welfare Officer or paediatric first aider

Support for teachers by:

  • Evidencing pupil progress by using assessment
  • Working with outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists and Speech Therapists by liaising and supporting their work with pupils
  • Assisting pupils with physical needs and difficulties
  • To assist pupils with their personal hygiene needs
  • Helping implement lesson plans and making possible more ambitious learning activities
  • Providing feedback to teachers by observing pupil performance and behaviour and the effectiveness of classroom processes and organisation
  • Getting classroom materials ready for a session or lesson.
  • Liaising with Class teacher, sharing lesson plans, and contribute to IEPs and EHCP reviews as necessary
Job Overview
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