Control And Instrumentation Apprenticeship: Technical Author

Type: Apprentice
Region: South East

Technical Authors are the specialists who generate written instructions on how to perform all kinds of technical tasks in a safe, controlled way. It’s a skill that is in demand across a wide range of industries ranging from car assembly, aircraft maintenance to telecommunications. At AWE the role of Technical Author involves producing documentation that explains how to safely build, support and service the UK’s nuclear deterrent.

As an apprentice you will initially be based within the Skills Academy you will develop a basic knowledge of C&I and learn the associated skills. You will further your knowledge through academic studies on day release at college. Thereafter you will progress to the manufacturing aspect of your training where you will start to apply these core skills in a live working environment. This will include servicing, repairing and installing various systems to support their facilities: temperature control, flow and pressure measurement, display gauges and recorders. Once you have completed three years studying C&I and become a qualified maintenance engineer you will start to build your skills as a Technical Author.

Your first out-turn year will be spent learning Desktop Publishing, Technical Authorship and applying your C&I knowledge to written work instructions. You will go on placements around the business learning communications techniques and gain a Diploma in Technical Authorship as you work towards a career in Technical Publications.

Technical Authoring may appeal to you if you enjoy:

  • Understanding how systems/machinery/assemblies work
  • Observing and writing
  • Problem solving activities
  • Computer related activities
  • Applying engineering principles into real life scenarios

The deadline line for applications is Sunday October 29th. The earlier you apply the better chance you have of success.

Job Overview
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