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Knowing something about the culture of an organisation before you apply could make the difference to your choice and your application. A particular early career pathway or employer may be attractive to you, but what about the culture? Is there support, is there progression and what is it really like to follow that path? These are great questions that need to be answered to feel secure in your choice and competitive in your application. Lloyds Banking Group
With opportunities in the UK and across Europe, find your match in media, entertainment or technology with the Early Career programme matcher from SKY. As you might expect from Europe’s leading media company, the SKY Early Careers site provides brilliant resources for anyone interested in an Apprenticeship, Graduate Programme or Internship in the media, entertainment, or technology sector. With so many different teams and opportunities at SKY, we decided to try out the SKY Early Careers Programme Matcher and
https://earlycareers.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/Employabilty-Hub.mp4 Employability Hub – a place where you’ll find useful tools to support you to develop key employability skills. The best place to look for advice on applications, assessments and interviews is direct from the people doing the hiring. PwC are a global employer with a purpose to build trust and solve problems. Its not just about accounting but also a company where you can build a career in many industries. We love the Employability Hub
Do you expect Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to be a central aspect in your career and a primary objective of your employment? Our ESG Early Career checklist helps to evaluate the credentials of your Early Career options. Environmental and social jobs in a big company used to be about recycling, carbon footprints and inclusive recruitment. Small teams in big offices.  But environmental and social is no longer about issues that are getting worse. We
Making decisions about your early career with any sense of purpose might seem like an impossible task. Have you heard things like; be practical, do what you enjoy, follow the money, you need to be x, y or z. You can end up feeling pigeonholed before you have even had a chance to figure things out for yourself and it can be stressful. “It’s the rest of your life we are talking about here” is
You may never get feedback from an employer or a university about your personal statement so how can you make it better if you don’t get selected? Experts reveal the steps they take to help strengthen personal statements. Understand exactly what is being asked in the instructions.The very first thing we do is study the application instructions and any guidance very carefully. Not what we think it says but what it actually says. The personal
Landed an early career interview? Well done!  You must be competitive on paper so now it’s about being competitive in person. There are so many tips and guides with sound advice, but what really works? Our top 5 tips for interview preparation will help you ace your interview and get selected. 1. Get even more prepared.  Preparing for the interview is about becoming educated about the role, employer and sector in detail, in advance and better
Many young people face difficulty with career choice and can be left frustrated, sometimes for years, at seeing others advance while they remain undecided about the future. Do you know what direction to take? Which course to study? What career to choose? A leading independent careers adviser shares their formula for how to make early career decisions. Making a career choice seems to come naturally for some. For others, choosing a career with any confidence
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