Early Career ESG Checklist

By September 20, 2023

Do you expect Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) to be a central aspect in your career and a primary objective of your employment? Our ESG Early Career checklist helps to evaluate the credentials of your Early Career options.

Environmental and social jobs in a big company used to be about recycling, carbon footprints and inclusive recruitment. Small teams in big offices.  But environmental and social is no longer about issues that are getting worse. We are beyond that now. ESG is firmly established as a strategic pillar in organisations across all sectors. It is an ESG revolution with the fastest creation of new careers, skillsets, knowledge, and opportunities that the UK has ever experienced. Show your knowledge and desire to be a young leader of ESG in your chosen industry and you are on a pathway to Early Career success and making a big difference in the process.

Start here. Our favourite Early Career resource is the Sustainable Development Goals Academy, where you can undertake a wide range of free, open education from around the world.

So how can you evaluate the ESG credentials of your Early Career Options? Ask yourself these important plant and people saving questions about your career.

How a does the Early Career impact the planet?

How a does the Early Career impact people?

How a does the Early Career show good ethics and compassionate leadership?
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